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I am a shopping service located in Tokyo, and am selling these popular MA*RS items which sold out on the website back in November/December, so they are difficult to find. I bought them directly from the store at the request of a client, but unfortunately that person turned out to be a scammer and didn't pay for them. I cannot return them, and I do not wear gyaru myself, so hopefully you lovely ladies can make some use of them. The Liz Lisa items are also brand new from the 2014 classic boston bag lucky pack. All items are available excluding the boston bag. Everything is unused and unopened.
My feedback page is here - http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/2326331.html

☆ Payment accepted via Paypal or international bank transfer. (Paypal fees are separate)
☆ Payment in Japanese Yen or GBP is required.
☆ You will have the option of EMS, registered airmail or economy airmail for international shipping. I will ship to any country. Shipping is separate and depends on country/weight of the item.
☆ Payment plans will be accepted, but only those that can be paid within one month of purchase, and 20% deposit will be required.
☆ Offers may be considered.
Gyaru comm sales2

Liz Lisa Fake Fur Knee High Boots (Size L) - 14,490 --> 3,150 yen
Liz Lisa Snow White Coat - 16,590 --> 5,000 yen
Liz Lisa Floral Print Dress - 9,345 -->2,000 yen
Liz Lisa Sweet White Ribbon Knitted Sweater - 6,195 --> 1,500 yen
Lisa Lisa Ribbon Burberry-style Shorts - 6,195 --> 1,000 yen
Liz Lisa White Frill Cosmetic bag - 4,095 --> 500 yen
Ma*rs Heart Gold Necklace - 3,885 yen
Ma*rs Logo Chain Belt - 10,500 yen
Ma*rs Check Jacquard Knit Skirt (white x gray) - 5,985 yen